Hello, I’m Karen, lifelong dreamer and founder of Oracle Dreams. And this is my BIG dream. I’m also an entrepreneur, the founder director of a U.K.-based PR agency, a spiritual coach and a published author. I’m on a mission to make dreaming mainstream again! I’m fascinated by the power of dreams. Dreaming is such a natural, simple process that can change our lives for the better. Dreams have helped me, and many others, through some very difficult times.

Throughout my life I’ve had many powerful dream experiences while dozing, sleeping and conducting shamanic journeys. The dreams and journeys have advised me about life-changing future events, warned me against doing certain things, given clear instruction about where to focus my attention, healed me from a crisis, given me the confidence to trust my intuition, given me important messages for other people, put me in touch with some departed loved ones and opened me up to a much richer life.

I am where I am today thanks to listening to, and acting upon, my dreams. One of my dreams was to have the freedom to live and work wherever and whenever I choose, and better if it be by the ocean. My dream came true, thanks to taking action, over time.

I became aware of the power of dreams at an early age. Children are natural dreamers! Age 3, I suffered a severe head trauma, and soon afterwards I started having precognitive dreams. I’ve always felt in touch with something more than ordinary reality.

Back in 1995 before access to the Internet, I spent a year working on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, off the West Coast of Africa. This was before the Internet. The people I worked with were married with families and I didn’t make many friends. Nor did I have a spiritual teacher to guide me along my path, which I was desperate to pursue. It’s all that mattered to me. I started to suffer a crisis of faith and low blood pressure and became depressed.

One night, after reading one of the few spiritual books I had with me about Celtic Gods and Goddesses, I lay back and closed my eyes to reflect upon something I’d just read. The next second I was a mermaid, sat on a rock, at night, overlooking the water before me, which I associated with the North Sea because it felt cold. It felt very ‘real’. At the same time I received all the answers to the questions that had been driving me mad, and I felt healed. It all seemed to happen very fast. I felt my body jerk as I suddenly opened my eyes. I felt suddenly opened wider to the mysteries of the Universe and I was hooked!

A few days later, a work colleague took me to his friend’d shop, which he said I’d like because it sold incense. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was a shrine to mermaids at the back of the shop. Boom. Talk about synchronicity. It turned out the owner of the shop was from the Brazilian Amazon and she became my teacher for the rest of the time I was on the island.

When I returned to the UK, I started working for a dotcom in Wales and I had access to the Internet! One day when searching for spiritual websites I came across a website called Witchvox, which is mostly for followers of Wicca. I’d read everything I could get my hands on about Wicca and it wasn’t calling me, but I decided to look at the website anyway.

I found a section for Wales and there was an ad from a guy called Ioan saying he was the last in the bloodline of a hereditary Welsh tradition called Gwyddon and that they were looking for people who were showing signs of ‘Atgof’ to share the tradition with.

I had no clue what Atgof was, but I wrote to Ioan straight away. He was in Cardiff and I was on the West Coast. A three-hour drive. I don’t remember what I said, but I did send him a photo of me and one of my Giant Schnauzers, Jasmine. Ioan wrote back inviting me to Cardiff for a meeting.

I met with Ioan and one of his soul sisters at a cafe in Cardiff. He asked me what had brought me to him. I told him about the mermaid experience and he laughed. I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. He then told me that he’d been told by his departed ancestors that the mermaid would come to him for teaching. That didn’t mean I was ‘in’ though. He wanted to see more signs of Atgof, which I learned is ‘spiritual remembering’. Months of informal meetings took place before Ioan agreed to start formally teaching me and ceremonially adopt me into the family.

I knew Ioan for 5 years, before he departed. We spent a lot of time together. I’d go to Cardiff or he’d come to West Wales. We shared some powerful experiences and synchronicities that I’ll always remember. And it’s a true honour and privilege to have served a traditional apprenticeship with an indigenous teacher, where no payment was requested or expected.

The Gwyddon is a secret tradition that’s been passed on orally for generations. The family tree that Ioan drew for me dates back to 1550. The family is from Harlech. There are bits of information out there about the Gwyddon, but very little.

The Gwyddon has a Rune and Ogham equivalent called Coelbren. Different versions of the Coelbren appear to exist. Some historians claim they can trace the Coelbren back 4000 years, others claim only as far back as the 1500s. They refer to the Coelbren as an alphabet, but they’re much more than that. The Coelbren are the keys to unlocking mysteries and they work in a particular way. Nowhere have I seen anything about the Coelbren that matches how they were taught to me.

Once Ioan departed, I went onto to train with other great teachers including Veronique Cliquet, Caroline Booth, Chris Luttichau, Robert Moss and the now departed Sarah Howcroft and Liz Bate.

I’ve completed Reiki training to Master/Teacher level twice, and trained in Crystal Healing, Animal Communication, the Munay Ki Rites and Shamanic Healing. I’ve studied shamanic traditions of North and South America. Highlights include a 5-day vision quest in solitary on the side of a mountain and an intense sweat lodge.

I’ve also explored Eastern philosophy. I completed a 10-day Vipassana retreat many years ago. During a Vipassana retreat, based on the teaching of Buddhist You can talk to anyone, make eye contact, touch anyone, touch yourself, play music, read or write, or exercise. It’s all about meditation. It was awesome and I felt like I’d been to hell and back and reborn, but it wasn’t the path for me.

Throughout the years I’ve shared spiritual teachings on and off on an informal basis. It was after training with Robert Moss online and in-person, that I understood the time is now for me to do what my heart’s always wanted to do, to dive deeper spiritually and to teach it.

My own teachings combine decades of experience of different traditions and teachings coupled with Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism, created by Robert Moss. His approach to this work is like no other I’ve experienced. I love it and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Meanwhile, back in ordinary reality, since University, I’ve spent the past 25 years working in marketing, public relations and recruitment. At the same time I’ve collected Post Grad qualifications and completed many leadership and entrepreneurship programs.

I dreamed of establishing my own business and achieving freedom and flexibility in my life. I realised this dream and founded SymmetryPR 11 years ago.

Another big dream was to travel and use my languages. I’ve gone on to travel the world working with businesses large and small, from Liverpool to Silicon Valley.

In 2017, I was certified as being in the top 1% of PR practitioners in Europe by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations following rigorous testing on ethics, strategy and leadership. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

I consider myself to be a grounded person. I find I’m able to keep one foot in this world and one foot in the spiritual realms, and slip in and out as I choose. I believe we can all learn to do this. It’s just a matter of practice.

Aspects of this work are great for children, can be used for team building and brain storming, or ‘dream storming’, and be used with the less able and the elderly and can generally just make life better for anyone who’s willing to make the effort and put their rational mind aside. Sceptics usually overcome their scepticism pretty quickly once they experience the results.

I encourage you to read the testimonials on my homepage and to check out my LinkedIn profile, and get in touch to learn more about dreamwork and shamanism, either online or in-person!

My mission is to make dreaming mainstream again, and you’re invited!

Retreats, workshops and online sessions are relaxed, focused, friendly, intimate and fun, with the intent to get a lot done so you leave brimming with dreams and practical tools for taking action in your life.

With love,