Living life with purpose and meaning attracts the highest and best outcomes. Manifestation happens when we align our vibe with our vision. We receive what we resonate with the most.

If the vision or dream is to live in abundance and we continue with self-limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts, language and actions, we’ll struggle to realise the dream because what we think and feel manifests into tangible things and events. Misalignment of vision with vibe can cause us to give up on a dream.

Certainty creates momentum. Clarity on the dream or vision is crucial. We attract what we put out. We can get clear on the vision of the heart’s desire via dreamwork, the creative imagination, meditation, shamanic lucid dreaming, vision boards, journaling, artwork….

And we can align the vibe with the vision by adding concentration, heart-centred commitment, and unwavering focus to increase the vibration for success, activating the body’s cells to create the energy ready for alignment with the vision.

This is a lot of work! It requires constant action. But if we’re truly in alignment with our hearts’ true desire, it won’t feel like work at all because we’ll be all fired up with passion and love and our certainty will create momentum.

Do something every day to execute on your dream. Give it all your heart! Remember the ‘why’ of your heart’s desire. Tune into it regularly. Keep moving forward. Make your best dreams come true!

With love,
Karen 💕