I love spiders! This one is a jumping spider. I often have jumping spiders in my home. They’re amazing to watch. Apparently, jumping spiders can jump as much as 50 times their body length, pouncing on prey from a distance.

One reason I love spiders is because I work with Spider in my dreamwork and shamanic lucid dreaming as an ally/power animal. I will never forget my first encounter with the Spirit of Spider in a shamanic lucid dream. (Remember that when we work with Power Animals, we’re working with the Spirit of the animal species, so much power!)

20 years ago, in my first shamanic lucid dream using the drum, I met Spider in a cave. It showed me how it could be as big as the cave and as tiny as a grain of gravel to get into any crevice. It showed me how it weaves a web of life, how all creation is connected in the web and how one action reverberates throughout it. Spider communicated to me that it is here to aid in my creativity and magic.

To me, Spider is a joyous gift from the Multiverse, but for someone else, it might not be.

One story I know tells of a completely different message of Spider energy. It’s about a woman to whom Spider brought a message of illness, which filled her with fear. She became too scared to be in a room where a spider might be. So, she invited a friend into her dream to help her ‘tackle’ the Spider.

She received valuable information to aid in the healing of her illness. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. This is just one reason why the dreamer is the best interpreter of the dream.

For me to dream of Spider is something awesome, but for someone else it could be something they perceive as frightening and terrible.

We must always be mindful of cultural associations of symbols, signs, animals and characters when sharing dreams and remember that the dreamer is the best interpreter of the dream.

With love,
Karen 💕