Hello and welcome to September. I trust you had a wonderful August. I took time out to be with me, to focus on my inner world, my needs, my desires and my self-awareness.

The Queen Archetype was very present for me throughout August and showed up in different ways at different times including via the Tarot and via shamanic lucid dreams. 

In one such dream I visited the spirit of Oracle Dreams (I believe that organisations, projects and products have a spirit we can connect with for conscious leadership).

The spirit showed up as a Queen with messages about the divine feminine and self-sovereignty. I received teachings on self-awareness, self-worth, self-care, discipline, generosity, compassionate detachment, courage, boundaries, autonomy, leadership, service, strategy, collaboration, commitment, community and responsibility.

In another shamanic lucid dream when seeking guidance on a life matter, an angel gave me a golden sceptre. As the sceptre was gifted to me by an angel, I researched Bible references and found many. I’m not a Christian, but I believe in Christ Consciousness and I attended a Church of England school until aged 18.

For the first time, I came across the Book of (Queen) Esther and her powerful sceptre story. Queen Esther is said to have been beautiful, smart and kind, and known for her strategical and diplomatic skills. She was also secretly a Jew.

From humble beginnings, she was raised by her cousin Mordecai who advised her to keep her Jewish heritage a secret, in case they were killed. She was paraded before King Ahasuerus and he took a shine to her because of her beauty and made her his Queen.

Mordecai had a dream about destruction caused by two dragons. When he overheard two eunuch guards plotting to kill the King, he told Queen Esther, who told the King. The plot was uncovered and the guards were killed.

The King’s advisor Haman is said to have discovered that Mordecai was a Jew and he decided to wipe out the Jewish people. Queen Esther risked her life to save them by approaching King Ahasuerus without permission. The King held out his sceptre, which was confirmation that he would not kill her, and he offered to grant her wish.

She faced her fears and stated her request of hosting a feast for the King and Haman the next day. That night, the King couldn’t sleep and when reading some documents remembered how Mordecai’s dream had saved his life.

The next day, after realising that Mordecai deserved a reward, the King asked Haman how a man he loved should be rewarded. Haman, thinking the King was referring to him, replied with wealth. The King ordered Haman to grant wealth to Mordecai, the very man he was plotting to kill.

At the feast, after fasting for three days and nights, she told the King of Haman’s plot. The Jews were saved and Haman was no more. They were gifted Haman’s wealth. She almost didn’t do it, but Mordecai encouraged her and helped her to believe in herself and to have courage to do the right thing.

Queen Esther reaches for the King’s sceptre. Blog post images courtesy jw.org.

For me, there were certainly aspects of Queen Esther’s energy in the teachings from the spirit of Oracle Dreams. Overall, the biggest teaching was about self-sovereignty and choosing life direction, having exclusive authority over mind and body, personal freedom and self-determination.

Having a strong sense of self-sovereignty helps us in all aspects of life. We realise and appreciate that we can be in control every moment.

Here’s an eclectic mix of suggestions to help you let you Inner King or Queen reign supreme:

Trust and believe in yourself.
Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean you can’t. Listen to your Inner King or Queen and listen to people like Mordecai and their words of encouragement.

Stand up for what you believe. 
Queen Esther did so. Kings and Queens stand strong for truth, changing and making history.

Take action.
Mordecai, Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus were people of action. Action we can take to honour our Inner King or Queen includes everything from making beneficial choices regarding food, products, relationships and activities. Opt for the best quality produce and products your purse allows.

Be patient.
Queen Esther didn’t tell the King of Haman’s plot before the court. She was patient and chose to act in a far more diplomatic and discreet manner.

Set boundaries.
Kings and Queens need protection. We need to protect ourselves. Keep energetic boundaries firm by taking care of your energy, cleansing regularly with smudging, and using meditations for cleansing, strengthening and protecting the aura. Say no to what’s not in your best interests.

Work with your dreams and imagination.
Just as Mordecai was in touch with dreams, get in touch with yours. Use the imagination, dreams, lucid dreaming and shamanic lucid dreaming to connect with archetypal King and Queen energy and the inner King or Queen. Doing so can help us to achieve self-sovereignty and become Kings and Queens of our lives.

Use intention.
Set the intention to dream with a King or Queen, be specific. Meet Kings and Queens and ask to meet your inner King or Queen in shamanic lucid dreams. Learn from them.

Use the Tarot.
Take the King and Queen Tarot cards and use the imagination to enter them.

Read about famous Kings and Queens and see what you can learn.

Keep it fancy!
There’s nothing more fun than fancy dress! Attend or host a theme party dressed as a King or Queen. Keep it fancy every day by wearing at least one item that makes you feel good about yourself.

With love,
Karen 💕