Sharing dreams was once a very social activity. In many cultures, our ancestors, who took dreams and dreaming seriously, would gather every day to share their sleep-time adventures. 

Families, communities and tribes would start the day in a social way by honouring their dreams. This was to decipher if there were any important messages and calls to action for the dreamers and for the community as a whole. 

It was not to interpret other people’s dreams. Our ancestors knew that the dreamer of the dream is the best interpreter, but that by sharing, the dreamer can come to a quicker and deeper understanding of the dream and get clear on the action to take.

Dreams and dreaming can be social again! All it takes is for us to learn how to share and honour dreams in the best way. We can share dreams over breakfast, on the bus, train and airplane, in the park, while having a drink with friends!

After 20+ years of dreamwork and shamanism, the best way I’ve found is the Robert Moss way of Active Dreaming, which is radically new and deeply ancient with 3 principal modes of practice: a way of walking and talking our dreams; a shamanic method of lucid dreaming; and, an approach to conscious living guided by synchronicity and dreams. 

My teachings are based on Active Dreaming.

If you want to make dreams and dreaming social again, you can start with the Active Dreaming Lightning Dreamwork Process:

🌟Give a title to the dream
🌟Tell the dream in the present tense, without adding anything
🌟Others then ask questions like: how do you feel in and out of the dream? Is there anything you recognise from ordinary reality or other dreams? Could anything from the dream happen in the future? What would you like to know about the dream?
🌟Others comment by starting, “If it were my dream I’d consider/remember/think/wonder/want to know/……”
🌟Action plan – the dreamer commits to taking some action
🌟Bumper sticker/s – come up with a bumper sticker for the dream

Let’s make dreaming social again!!!

With love,
Karen 💕