As a Liverpool Lass, I absolutely love The Beatles, and as a dreamer, I love the song Let It Be, which is a result of dream Paul McCartney had before The Beatles hit the big time.

Paul was in a dark moment and in his dream his mum came to him and said the words ‘let it be’, and a song that continues to influence around the world was born. (Another song that came from a dream is ‘Yesterday’, and of course, there’s John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.)

Dreaming with the departed is very common. Dreaming is the easiest ways for the departed to communicate directly with us. The departed are very alive on the other side and often come to us to act as helpers, giving us important messages and information.

This also applies to departed pets. It’s not unusual to have departed pet come through as a guide, especially if there was a particularly strong connection in ordinary reality.

We can also actively seek out communication with the departed via our sleep time dreams (dream incubation) and via shamanic lucid dreaming. We can learn what the afterlife is like from them!

Sometimes when the departed appear in our dreams it could be that they need help. A dead person might not know that they’re dead and could be stuck or confused due to addictions and/or attachments.

In these cases we can help them to move on by learning techniques to have dialogue with them, calling in help from on High, and even performing a ritual to say goodbye, which can include a 2nd burial, when the heavy energy of the departed is put into a physical object and buried.

Helping the departed move on is known as psychopomp and shamanic practitioners often perform psychopomp at areas of disaster, when people have died suddenly and unexpectedly in traumatic circumstances.

The story of Paul McCartney’s dream with his departed mum is very moving. He talks about it in this brilliant Car Pool Karaoke with James Corden Well worth a watch!

With love,
Karen 💕