It’s wonderful to be dreaming and working more deeply with our dreams, yet we only see the full benefit when we take action to manifest our best dreams. This is true for our sleep time dreams and our active dreams. 

Active dreams are called active for a reason!

We actively embark upon them and they require action to manifest. There are many ways we can take action.

This is an example of how I was working to manifest my dreams as a child, without fully understanding what I was doing, and the results.

I’m about 12 years old. By this age I’m really fed up that all my friends get to go on nice holidays around the country (the UK) and even abroad. The furthest I go is North Wales. It’s just me and my mum and we’re getting by on very little. I see no travel coming up for me in the future. At the same time, it’s all I want to do. I want to travel. I want to escape this poor community in South Liverpool where the kids are out walking the streets and causing trouble for entertainment. 

The Holiday

It’s the long summer holidays. I know I won’t be seeing my friends for a while as they’re all off with their families. I dream I’m on holiday somewhere beautiful. It’s a place with warm ocean water and soft golden sands. There are palm trees. I even understand the language, but I don’t know what it is. 

The next day

The next day, I go into a travel agents and pick up some holiday brochures. I spend hours, days and weeks pouring over the brochures and cutting out pictures that remind me of my dream. I collect them in a scrap book and create the itineraries that I’d love to do in ‘real life’. As I go selecting pictures from the brochures, I look at the picture for a long time and then close my eyes and just imagine how it is there and I observe what I’m doing there. I do this for a few years every summer. 

After the dream, I realise that if I really want to travel, I need to be good at languages. So, I set about mastering Latin, French and later Spanish, at school. I go on my first foreign trip at the age of 14, a school trip to Normandy, in northern France. I beg my mum to find the money to let me go. She does. I have no idea how. My next foreign trip is to Spain at age 18, which I can pay for myself.

I go on to study French and Russian at university after spending a year working in Chatres, France. When I get to university I continue with my holiday brochure exercise, only differently. I go into the Students’ Union travel shop and take brochures. I don’t cut the pictures out anymore. Now I go into the travel shop and book the trips, knowing I don’t have the funds to pay. I cancel the trips just before the cut-off point. As I’m planning the tips I put myself in the locations using my imagination. I do this regularly throughout my degree. I even get some of my friends to play my travel game with me, and we book – and cancel – several trips together.

Despite cancelling many trips, throughout my degree I spend one summer in St. Tropez and two summers in Madrid. I also spend several months in Toulouse and several months in St. Petersburg with two weeks in Turkmenistan, as part of my degree. And I decide to live a while in Madrid after graduation, which turns into about 18 months in Madrid and a year on Gran Canaria. I go on to travel to and live in many incredible places around the world. Today, I spend as much time as I can on Gran Canaria, an island with warm ocean waters, soft golden sands, palm trees and a language I understand, just as in my dream as a child.

Taking action

Taking action from my dream – keeping the scrap books, ‘entering’ the images in my imagination and deciding to dedicate myself to languages – helped me to manifest my dream of travel far more quickly than doing nothing.

I have plenty more examples of how taking action following a dream leads to manifestation – whether it’s a sleep time dream or an active dream – including how Oracle Dreams was born, to follow in a future blog post.

For now, here are some tips to help you take action from your best dreams so they may manifest. Remember, it can take time to manifest a dream, but without action, it might never happen!

Be sure to record the dream – write it up, write a poem, draw or paint it, record it on your phone
Share your dream – talk about your dream 
Find something to represent the dream – an image, a trinket, or similar. It can be something you carry with you or something you can look at regularly
Create an affirmation or slogan from the dream
Create a mood board or scrap book with visual representations of your best dreams
Re-enter the dream for further exploration, asking for guidance regarding action you need to take

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