Dreams are as old as man. Our ancient ancestors lived by their dreams, sharing them daily with the community and relying upon them for healing, guidance and survival. Those who didn’t dream were considered to be seriously ill.

Dreams are life and living and as natural as breathing, loving, sleeping, eating and drinking.

There are many different types of dreams and we dream at different times during our sleep, we day dream and we can lucid dream when we’re wide awake.

Dreams are evident all around us, every day. They are the inspiration for important inventions, songs, films, books, masterpieces of art and buildings. 

Many famous people refer to the power of dreams.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death days before it happened. 
Director Christopher Nolan took the inspiration for his 2010 psychological thriller Inception from his own lucid dreams. 
Paul McCartney composed the melody for ‘Yesterday’ in a dream, and ‘Let It Be’ came from a dream he had with his departed mother.
Director Richard Linklater used his dreams as inspiration for some of his greatest films, including the animated film ‘Waking Life’, which explores existentialist themes and our experience of dreaming. 
The father of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, often spoke of the inspirational dream that led to his discovery of the structure of the atom. Einstein discovered the principle of relativity after having a vivid dream. 

The list goes on!

We can use our dreams for:

Spiritual and personal development
Healing and better health, including for serious conditions, depression, anxiety and stress
Resolving past issues and blockages, including resolving nightmares and overcoming a dream drought
Advice and guidance about a particular situation or relationship
For glimpses into possible futures
For manifesting our best life, including in relationships and in business
To build confidence
To strengthen intuition
To boost creativity
To avert danger
To find allies
To track synchronicity
To communicate with the departed, including animals
To prepare for where we go when we leave this realm
And to have fun!

Today, in our sleep deprived culture, we’re also dream deprived. Many people say they don’t dream, or they don’t remember their dreams. Those who do dream and remember their dreams don’t know how to leverage their power and potential for a ‘richer’ life.

We can change this and become a collective of dreamers once again, for the benefit of all.

The mission of Oracle Dreams is to co-create a world of people who dream from the heart and live consciously, realising their potential and manifesting their best dreams. Our vision is of a thriving world with joy-filled dreamers.