Embarking upon dreaming and active dreaming is an investment in you and your future. 

This simple, powerful and beautiful work can be shared with your friends and family, neighbours, colleagues and strangers! Let’s get everyone sharing dreams again.

We work with our dreams and active dreaming to improve all aspects of our lives.

Dreamwork is very results oriented, so providing you are taking proper action on your dreams, you will see results.

We can help others with their dreams too!

Oracle Dreams guides you with powerful, proven techniques for working on a deep level with dreams and active dreaming. 

Some of them we’re sure you’ll want to share!

The practices include:

Finding your dreams after a dream drought
Resolving nightmares and unpleasant dreams
Improving dream recall and documentation
Active dreaming
Dream reentry
Storytelling and honouring your dreams 
The Robert Moss Lightning Dreamwork Process
Meeting and working with allies
Meeting departed loved ones
And more!

Start today by keeping a dream journal and check out Workshops & Retreats and Online Sessions for more.