Children are natural dreamers with vivid imaginations. Babies in the womb experience the REM space most of the time. We’re born natural dreamers! It’s our responsibility to nurture and cultivate natural dreaming ability.

Until about the age of seven, and later for some, children remain very close to their origins and find it easy and natural to slip in and out of waking life and dreaming life.

Please never tell a child, “It’s just a dream.” 

Dreams are as precious to a healthy life as clean air, food and water. By working with children and encouraging them to tell their dreams we can gain great insight into what’s going on for them and maybe also learn something about the future. Children are accustomed to having precognitive dreams.

As a parent, guardian, auntie, uncle or teacher, you are invited to work more closely with your dreams and active dreaming so that you may work with the children in your lives.

Families and children are welcome to join tailored retreats, workshops and online sessions designed specifically for children. These sessions will reinforce to our children that dreaming and active dreaming are indeed, a natural and essential part of life.

We teach families and children how to talk about their dreams and offer creative ways for children to begin documenting their own dream life.

Juice up your breakfast table!

It’s never too early – or too late – to start working with dreams and active dreaming. Starting out young can help prevent issues in the future and sharing dreams in the morning is a fun family activity!

Working with dreams and active dreaming offers a safe and fun way to explore any issues a child may be having, including nightmares or scary dreams and bullying. 

Give your child the gift of dreaming!

Watch, with the help of your child’s allies, which we help to identify, as your child taps into and develops his or her imagination and the power of dreaming. Working with dreams can help with learning a new subject and exam preparation too!

Dreaming in schools

Oracle Dreams is excited to hear from teachers who want to explore dreaming with their pupils. Maybe you want to incorporate elements of the practice into your creative writing classes, art classes or drama classes. Dreaming provides an endless source of juicy content for you to share with your pupils.Schools that incorporate mindfulness and yoga as part of daily school activity report better health and morale for pupils and teachers, fewer incidents of misbehavior, truancy, detention and expulsion.

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