We have a new moon coming up tomorrow, 2 July 2019, at 20.16 BST. New moons are great for setting intentions, and coupled with the solar and lunar eclipses this month, the energy is amplified and there’s an opportunity to harness this magical new moon energy to set intentions for the next 6 months. 

That means the time is now to tap into your heart’s desire and ensure your intentions are in alignment with what sets your soul on fire! 

In our minds, we might think we know what our heart’s desire is, but sometimes we’re caught up in what we think we should want, or trying to please other people. It’s the heart that knows its true desire. Hence, why it’s so important to tune into the heart’s desire in a sacred way.

I’ve found that people often feel guilty about what they truly want and think they’ll never achieve it and so they feel at crossed purposes with their true heart’s desire. This usually stems from feeling of lack and unworthiness in their lives. If this is you, then these belief systems need to be addressed in order to make the most out of new moon magic. 

During this new moon, tune into your heart’s desire via your sleep dreams, day dreams, drum dreams/shamanic lucid dreams and meditation. Set the intention to be shown your heart’s desire. Use drumming for a drum dream/shamanic lucid dream, or relaxing music for meditation. You can find shamanic drumming tracks for free on YouTube. 

Creating sacred space

During the new moon phase, create a sacred space for the work by lighting a small white candle, smudging and/or using salt water in the space where you can, if you choose, create a new moon altar. Open with a prayer that sets your intention to the Universe. You can try something along the lines of: 

“I sing to, honour and respect the divine source of all creation. I give thanks for yesterday, and I give thanks for today. I give thanks for receiving all I need to succeed in all I do, as I act with humility and love. I give thanks for connecting to the greatest good of my heart’s desire in ways I clearly understand. I give thanks to the universe and my spiritual helpers for the limitless support of my life and dreams. May this be heard throughout all the realms and may my gates and doors and paths be open, and my gates and doors and paths between the worlds, and may the gates and doors and paths of those who wish to do me and those I love any harm, be closed. May it be so.” (Italics refer to adaptation of Robert Moss Prayer to the Gatekeeper.)

Dream to connect with your heart’s desire

Now you are ready to begin your drum dream or meditation. Set the intention to be shown your heart’s desire. Sit or lie down with your hand over your heart centre.

After your shamanic lucid dream or meditation, make a note of – or draw – what you’re shown using pen, pencils and paper. You might like to add one of these phrases before you start:
“I gratefully accept these things or something better into my life now for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” 
“This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” 
“All that I desire is already here.”
“Abundance flows to me from the Universe and I receive freely and gratefully without hesitation.”
“I give thanks for the blessing of abundance from the Universe that flow freely through my life.”

Now sit quietly with each item on your list or with your drawing, and explore they feel in your body as you use your creative imagination, engaging all of your senses, to tune into how the realisation of your dreams feels. Experience them as fulfilled. Then, let go of any attachment and trust that the Universe is working to make your dreams come true. Give thanks for what is to come. 

Next decide what action you can take to begin manifesting and be sure you’re clear on the ‘why?’ of your heart’s desire. To get clear on actions, consider what resources you have available to you right now, resources you need and the people who can help you. Turn these actions into intentions.

Setting intentions

Write down your intentions, perhaps prioritising those that will give you the most momentum. Putting pen to paper here is an important part of the process. Maybe you just choose 1 or 2. Do whatever feels right to you, but limit to 9. The number 9 is magic and sacred number. Read about it here. In the Welsh Gwyddon tradition that I’m from, the Goddess cries 9 tears to bless different aspects of us.

You might like to take each item of your heart’s desire and set an intention for achieving it. Depending on your heart’s desire, your intentions could be anything. Let’s say your heart’s desire is to live in optimal health, publish books, move to a different location, perform music in public. 

Your intentions for living in optimal health could be to practise forgiveness, meditate and exercise every day; for publishing books, your intention might be to write 2,000 words every day; to move to a new location your intention might be to research into the area you’re interested in, learn a new language; and, for performing music in public your intention could be to contact all the musicians you know and ask for introductions to venues and start a YouTube channel. That’s 9 intentions. Your intentions can focus on the same subject or different areas. 

If this is as far as you want to go, close by giving thanks for the support of the Universe, the messages, images, visions received and their manifestation. You might want to say something along the lines of: “I give thanks for the abundance of the Universe that flows freely through my life. I give thanks for the support of the Universe in manifesting my dreams. I give thanks for the dreams received. May my gates and doors and paths be open, and the gates and doors and paths between the worlds, and may the gates and doors and paths of those who wish to do me and those I love any harm, be closed. May it be so.”

Create a new moon altar

To continue the work, create a new moon altar in accordance to what you experienced during your drum dream or meditation. Your new moon altar can contain specific colours, pictures, symbols, oracle cards, crystals (amethyst for intuition and howlite for formulating and achieving desires and intentions), herbs, oils, flowers or a plant. You might find you’re drawn to different items for each new moon.

Candle work

You’ll also need a white candle that can burn for about 8 hours. White is for purity and new beginnings. This candle will be lit during the next 6 months during each new moon phase. 

Now that you have your heart’s desire and intentions for the next 6 months clear, take the candle and put your intentions, using your imagination, into the candle. Visualise them as achieved. You can also etch words, symbols and sketches that represent your intentions onto the candle. You can rub oil on the candle. Lavender is good for the new moon. Some say lavender is how aromatherapy was discovered

If you choose not to have a new moon altar, but you want to work with the candle, just keep the paper with your written desires and intentions with the candle, safely. You can even travel with your candle and continue to perform your new moon ritual from wherever you are.

When you’ve finished, give thanks to the Universe and extinguish the candle, either by blowing it out or snuffing it out, whichever feels right for you. You can use the closing prayer mentioned above.

Every month for the next 6 months, work with the energies of the new moon to focus on your desires and intentions. Go through the process of opening and closing your sacred space as explained above. You have about a 48-hour time period to work with the new moon energies. Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll have 2 new moons in either July or August. Avoid the moon void of course phases. To keep a track of the moon, I like to use Moontracks

The next 6 months

Light your candle regularly during the new moon phases of the next 6 months and sit with it in mediation while visualising your intentions as achieved, and practise drum dreams to be shown more detail of your heart’s desire. Remember to journal about your progress and continue to set the intention for sleep dreams to show you how to manifest your heart’s desire. Watch for, keep a note of and give thanks for signs, symbols and synchronicities in ordinary and non-ordinary realities and observe how they relate to your intentions. 

During the December new moon phase that starts on the 26th, be sure to let the candle burn down completely. Take your piece of paper with your written intentions and reflect upon your progress. Give thanks and burn the piece of paper before the candle burns down completely.

New moon blessing to you and yours!
Karen x