As a care giver or healthcare professional, you can sweeten the lives of those you care for by sharing and exploring dreams. As a receiver of care, you can sweeten your life by dreamwork and sharing dreams with whoever you can.

When we’re confined to a bed or wheelchair, or living in a nursing home, we can find great relief, relaxation and a new lease of life by exploring dreams.

We can help those who are nearing the end of this life to consciously prepare for the transition. Via dreamwork and using the imagination, we can help people prepare for leaving this life and entering the next life, completely removing fear of death.

What greater gift than a joyful and peaceful exit from this life and a desired and prepared entry
into the next?

As a care giver or healthcare professional, working more deeply with dreams enables you to pass on the benefits to your patients. You can guide your patients to finding their dreams and help them live a richer life, even from the confines of their situation. 

Share some dreams with your patients and fire their imagination. Start by giving them a snippet of a dream – make one up – and ask how the patient would finish the dream, if it were their dream

Invite them to sleep on it, and to make the story as fantastical as they wish.

You can start by saying something as simple as, “I’m on a beautiful beach with soft golden sand, and it’s a warm day. Not too hot. I turn around, and I see………….” Invite your patient to finish it, as if it were their dream

Encourage your patients to share their dreams with you, and each other, as a part of natural conversation. Invite your colleagues to share too!

If you’re physically impaired or currently living in a hospital or nursing home, you can work with your dreams and imagination to resolve any issues and to generally make your life more pleasant and fun. Online sessions may be possible for you. You can also speak to your care giver or healthcare professionals and point them in the direction of working with dreams and imagination.

We can use dreams to:

Resolve unresolved issues with family members, friends, partners (departed and living) 
Find relief from boredom and pain
Have exciting adventures
Reunite and become familiar with departed loved ones and where they live now
Prepare for the afterlife, which can be done in such a conscious, beautiful, loving and detailed way that all fear of death and dying disappears.

Oracle Dreams welcomes care givers and healthcare professionals to workshops, retreats and online sessions