It’s a special full moon, the last of the decade on 12/12, in the lovely sign of Gemini. Today’s a day for celebrating success and victories large and small, for focusing on what’s great in our lives and for taking back power in our lives.

Today I am celebrating, what is for me, a great success and a dream come true.

Working in PR, I’ve been writing on behalf of clients for decades, and I’ve long dreamed of being a published author in my own right.

And now I am! I’ve made a start. I was chosen as a contributing author to The Book of Success alongside some top people in their fields. I’m amazed and humbled at being selected. 

Success, for me, is an inner job first and foremost, and I teach this with my spiritual work Oracle Dreams, and this is what my contribution to the book focuses on.

In my life, success manifests as being able to live and work from where I choose, with whom I choose and when I choose. It’s freedom and flexibility. It’s being resilient and self-reliant. It’s being able to follow my own timetable, take naps for dreaming. It’s connecting heart and brain. It’s adventures in the spirit realms and the manifestation of those experiences as tangible results in this reality for myself and others. It’s visiting many beautiful places on our wondrous planet. It’s having experiences rather than things. It’s investing in me with continuous professional and personal development. It’s sharing what I love with others and seeing them become empowered. It’s being generous with my time, resources, knowledge and network. It’s having great relationships with awesome people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. It’s feeling safe and secure and open to change. It’s providing myself and others with the best I can. It’s having time for who and what matters to me. It’s feeling loving and loveable. It’s dreams coming true and realising potential.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me! 

The Book of Success is on sale here.