If you’re not familiar with working with your dreams or practicing shamanic lucid dreaming you might be wondering what it’s like. I like to call shamanic lucid dreaming ‘drum dreaming’, because the drum when tapped at 4 to 7 beats per second takes the brain waves from beta to alpha to theta, where dreaming can happen. Drum dreams are also called drum journeys and shamanic journeys. Each experience is unique and holds special meaning and ‘medicine’. By medicine I mean healing, help, guidance, solution, insight, warning, revelation and clarification. 

Guided meditations provide a wonderful entry into drum dreams. The person guiding the mediation gently talks you through a particular landscape as you visualize, sense, intuit or feel the landscape and journey. Then when you’ve reached a particular point – it could be a door, a bridge, a gate, some sort of barrier – the person guiding the meditation stops talking and the drumming starts, and you arrive on the other side of the barrier. 

During a recent retreat with dreamer extraordinaire Robert Moss, his wonderful assistant Véronique, led a beautiful guided mediation. It’s called ‘finding childhood gifts’. We were led to a happy place to find childhood gifts. This is my drum dream when Véronique starts drumming:

I find myself in the living room of my maternal grandparents. I’m aged about 9. It’s early evening. We’re watching one of my favourite TV programmes, Fraggle Rock, and we’re eating ribs with coleslaw. There are 3 small boxes in my grandparents’ sideboard, waiting for me. Each box is red. The boxes are strong and simple. In the 1st there’s a magic passport that records everything from all my travels, in waking life and the dreamtime. All I have to do is carry it. In the 2nd there’s a key that can open any door. In the 3rd there’s a tiny dark coloured toy dog that can be attached to the keyring of the magic key and this dog becomes real whenever I want and can be any size, otherwise he can stay in my pocket. I say thank you for the gifts and leave.

Karen Floyd, April 2019.

Just from one short drum journey I receive such gifts! Imagine all the fun I can have with magic passport, key and dog! But only if I choose to do so. I won’t receive the magic of those childhood gifts if I don’t actively seek them out and ‘play’ with them, remember them and honour them. This is part of the meaning of ‘active dreaming’. We actually have to take action. My action for this dream is continued exploration of the magic of these 3 childhood gifts and to find a dog on a keyring in waking life and carry it with me. 

After the dream, as I’m writing it down, I realise that there couldn’t have been better childhood gifts for me. I’ve always wanted to travel from a very young age, but I couldn’t. Today I travel a lot. And a key to any door is always useful! I love dogs, but I can’t have one in waking life right now and I miss being around dogs. Nor did I have a dog about aged 9, but I did by age 11. Those gifts were not only perfect for me back then, but they’re prefect for me today, almost 40 years later.

The passport tells me that I’ll continue to have many travel adventures and a great memory to record them. The key shows me that new doors are opening for me, including the key to unlocking my dream of Oracle Dreams. The tiny toy dog is a constant companion on adventures into realms that lie beyond the doors and gates unlocked by the key. Once I find the right dog to carry with me I’ll have a constant connection with the energy of the dream. The red colour of the 3 gift boxes indicates power and the fire energy of rapid transformation. The simple and strong boxes are symbolic of my intention for life and Oracle Dreams – to be a humble and strong carrier of the gift of dreaming, and to share these gifts and their magic contents to those who want to learn and work from the heart. To keep things simple and to keep the magic alive and thriving as we pass on the gift and make dreaming mainstream again, as it was for our ancestors. A way of life and living consciously.

Try some guided meditations. You can start any time and it’s never too early or too late! If you search online, you’ll find some, but not all are created equal. We use some wonderful guided meditations during our retreats, workshops and online sessions! Regular guided meditations are shared with Oracle Dreams’ dreamers on a regular basis to help you with your ongoing practice.