I start dreaming of horses as a young child and I sit on one for the first time, aged 5. Later in life I participate in endurance races and today I ride only in my dreams.

Horses have always played a major role in my life, and at times every decision I’ve made has been based on horse guardianship. I’ve had the honour and pleasure to be the care giver for many amazing horses. Horses have always enriched my life. I’ve had many adventures in waking life with horses that will feed my soul forever, and many pretty scary moments too. 

Horse Spirit is physical and unearthly. In ancient cultures, the horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven. Where would we be without horses? We even talk about engine power in terms of ‘horsepower’. Horses facilitated man’s advancement, much like fire in my opinion! Horsepower indeed. 

The beautiful Mai.

The last horse I was guardian for is a beautiful black mare called Mai (May), a Welsh Section D. We meet when she’s aged 4, and it’s love at first sight. During our years together we live in 4 different homes, in Wales and Spain. We ride in many amazing places.

My favourite moments are seeing Mai in her stable from the kitchen window and curling up with her in her stable with a book and a glass of wine, snuggling together. At one point, we’re doing endurance rides, which involves riding for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. We spend a lot of time together.

When I’m adopted into the Gwyddon tradition, I learn that a horse skull is a most sacred possession that holds a lot of magic. Soon afterwards, an acquaintance I’d only met briefly previously turns up at my house with a gift for me. It’s the top half of a horse’s skull with teeth. She tells me she found it a couple of days earlier in a local abandoned barn that she believes was used by a shaman. She thinks I might like it. And like it I do! This is such a powerful synchronicity for me. I’m totally blown away. 

I stop riding Mai after an accident that leaves me unconscious and pretty poorly for a wee while. Not Mai’s fault at all. I did something silly that spooked her. I was trying to mount her with no hat, no saddle and no bridle on stony ground. She spooked and I fell. 

When I was able to see her again, weeks had passed and we were nervous of each other. She had company with her 2 pony companions, but she wasn’t going on any adventures any more. I kept Mai, Sugar and Spice for about 18 months after I stopped riding. Then I took the tough decision to rehome the ponies so they could go on to have adventures. I didn’t want to ride again. 

I found the best home for them. Sugar and Spice went together, as they’re blood sisters, and Mai went to an amazing young rider who was studying equine studies. I was very happy with the outcome.

Ten years later, I have a sleep time dream with Mai and it’s amazing. I’m aware it’s the first dream with her. I’m filled with love. In the morning when I’m remembering the dream, I realise that I never sleep dream with animals who are in this life, but I do with departed animals, a lot. I make a calculation of how old Mai would be. She’d be 20. I try to put it out of my mind because I don’t want to think that Mai’s died. Even though I knowing nothing ever really dies. 

Three months later, I’m receiving an amazing Reiki treatment from Stephen Matthews. As soon as he touches me, I’m off dreaming. My maternal grandmother and Mai appear. My grandmother tells me Mai is here as a guide for me now too. They resolve an issue I was having with a particular unethical individual. It had been weighing on me. I’m blown away and crying for joy throughout the entire session. And tears swell as I type.

I tell my dear friend and dreamer extraordinaire Anna Bromley about the Mai dreams. I ask Anna as an impartial person to go and investigate on my behalf. Has Mai passed over? Anna returns and confirms that Mai has passed over and that she’s waiting for me to go and have many amazing adventures. Anna confirms that Mai lead a wonderful life and didn’t suffer. Mai’s now rearing to go!

To honour Mai I have her photo as a screensaver on my phone, a photo of her on my altar, I light a candle for her every day, I wear a top with black horses on it, I talk about her, I remember her, I write about her, and I love to dream with her. 

Thanks Mai, I love you!