Please show me what I need to know in ways I can easily recognise and understand.

My request to the Multiverse.

As I go about life, I like to be conscious of how the Multiverse speaks to me (and everyone) through signs, symbols, nature, animals, TV, music, art, books, conversations, dreams and synchronicities. This is the magic of life in this realm! I encourage you to watch out for these precious gifts. Once we’re tuned in, we can receive valuable insights that help us in life; insights we might miss if we’re going around unconscious of our thoughts, words and actions.

Very recently, I’ve had three similar dreams. In each of them, I’m doing something I’ve always done well, but in a new way, which feels even better than before. The ‘something’ and the ‘new way’ are not clear to me in the dreams.

Rather than do a dream re-entry, I asked the Multiverse to please show me what I needed to know about these dreams in ways that I could easily recognise and understand. 

On Tuesday of this week, as I was sat quietly contemplating 2020 and some choices and decisions ahead of me, I noticed two dragonflies flying around outside on my terrace. I love dragonflies. I got up and went outside for a closer look. Afterwards, I pondered the message of Dragonfly in relation to what I’d been thinking about in the moment they’d caught my attention.  I’d been pondering the choices and decisions ahead of me.

In many traditions, Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability and self-realisation. In the Welsh tradition I’m from, the Gwyddon, Dragonfly is used to covey a very important message, so it was clear to me that 2020 for me involves an important message and/of change; it requires adaptability; and, hopefully leads to transformation and self-realisation. 

The very same day while chatting with my partner, I had an idea to launch a project I was due to launch six years ago but didn’t. Now, six years later, I had new ideas for how it could be done differently and even better than I could have done it back then. I remembered the three dreams, the old project and the dragonflies and felt they were connected.

Yesterday, I invited a colleague to come and hear my idea. (She likes it!) As we were sat outside on the terrace (the) two dragonflies (re)appeared and I explained to my colleague the significance of Dragonfly for me and how I took it as a very good omen that Dragonfly was around us in that moment and had also appeared the day before.

Literally seconds later, a butterfly appeared. Butterfly is also hugely significant for me. Butterfly currently resides in my throat chakra. The project my colleague and I were discussing is in the field of communications and public relations. So, seeing a butterfly in that moment also greatly resonated with me. 

To reinforce that resonance, in the Gwyddon tradition, Butterfly also sits in the East and is associated with the tree from which a Gwyddon’s Staff is made, the Blackthorn. A Gwyddon is gifted the Staff, which is lovingly crafted by the Gwyddon’s teacher, after successfully completing years of training and tests. This photo is me with my Staff.

And as if that wasn’t enough, then two hawks flew by us! I’m very familiar with the energy of birds of prey, most notably Eagle, so I took this as a symbol of that presence. In the Gwyddon, Eagle also sits in the East and is associated with the Whitethorn. In that moment, my colleague and I were discussing the details and the big picture of the project. 

I felt truly humbled and grateful. What beautiful messages came through to guide me with some important choices and decisions, and I didn’t even leave my home. These such incredible gifts from the Multiverse never cease to blow me away! 

Later that day, I tended to my altar and sat in meditation to acknowledge and give thanks for the precious gifts and messages, and then set about initiating the project. Afterwards, I switched on the TV and found a documentary about the Spanish region of Castilla y Leon, famous for its beauty and wildlife. In the documentary, two injured eagles had been rescued and nursed back to full health. I saw them being set free again and flying high together. Now I was moved to tears for the eagles on the TV and the synchronicities of the recent days! 

All of the East associations are curious to me too. My terrace faces East, South East and I see the most incredible sun rises, the birth of a new day, new beginnings, new things. Symbolically, I took this to be highly relevant to the birth of a new project. Also, the direction of the East in the Tarot can be associated with the element of Air and Swords. Swords can represent the mind and the intellect and can help us prepare for life’s challenges, while reminding us of our knowledge and strength. This new project certainly requires brainpower, and at the same time it’s in something I know well and have had a lot of success doing in the past. 

How incredible that the appearance of two dragonflies could initiate such a cascade of beautiful messages. That, to me, is magic. Now, I don’t know if this new-old project will fly high like Dragonfly, Butterfly and Eagle, but from being receptive to the messages from the Multiverse, I believe they’re showing me that there’s every chance it can be. And that helps me with the decisions and choices I have to make. The Multiverse gave me the answers I was looking for, in ways that I could clearly recognise and understand.

So, my friends, I invite you to watch for the signs, symbols, messages and synchronicities that pop up in your life. The Multiverse is always communicating with us. Be sure to give thanks and record your experiences. 

With love,
Karen 💕