Selecting the right person or group to work with can be a daunting task. There’s so much choice out there these days. How do you know who’s legit and has the proper experience to safely guide you through your spiritual development? Trust your gut instinct. The more you work with dreams, the stronger this instinct becomes. You can always research into the teacher or group, but if you choose to dive in, it’s not until you have the experience that you truly know. 

With that in mind, in this post, I want to tell you a bit more about my personal experience of working with dreams, because in addition to you reading this website, I want you to take action. I want to encourage you to work with your dreams, and find the help to do it. And, of course, I’d love you to choose Oracle Dreams. For that, you need to know that you’re in good hands. And while Oracle Dreams is new, my working with dreams is not, and that’s what I want to tell you a bit about today.

I’m currently mostly known for my successful corporate career and the work I do in PR and marketing around the world. I’ve built and led teams large and small, people from all walks of life and many different nationalities. Only those who know me very well know that I’ve been working with my dreams and drum dreams for decades. I believe I’ve always had a natural aptitude for being in the dreamtime.

Throughout my life, when alone and waiting for something or held up in a queue, I just go off into my ‘own world’ and do something fun. I’ve always been that way. I have a very vivid imagination. Try it for yourself! I might be in a queue waiting to pay for something, but in my inner world I’m walking through a lush forest.

I might be in a queue waiting to pay for something, but in my inner world I’m walking through a lush forest.

As an only child, I become accustomed to spending long periods of time alone, from very early on. I suffer a terrible head injury age 3, when a large, heavy metal object lands in my skull from 12 floors above. It’s touch and go. The doctors don’t know if I’ll be OK. I spend a lot of time in bed and can’t sleep alone for about 6 months in case I move. My mum sleeps with me in a single bed. I become well and start remembering dreams and have a very rich inner life. With some dreams, I just know they’re going to happen. I share these with my mum. About aged 7 she asks me to stop because she doesn’t want to know what’s coming up. I stop. My rich inner life continues, and my circle of ‘friends’, that no-one else can see, is growing. I quite happily sit in my bedroom for hours chatting away to them. I can hear, understand, follow, remember and contribute to everything that’s going on and I know exactly where to pick from last time.

Aged 10, we move from our apartment to a house with a garden, in the same area of South Liverpool. A place called Netherley created as a new town in 1970. My parents are some of the first to move there, and my mum and I are the last to leave the apartments before they’re all demolished. The garden house is on a corner plot, so people passing by can hear and see something of what’s going on in the garden.

One lovely sunny afternoon I’m in the garden with my ‘friends’ in a circle and we’re having a great time, chatting about all sorts of things. At one point, as I’m talking, I become aware of laughter, but it’s not my ‘friends’. I turn to look at the garden fence and a bunch of kids is laughing and making fun of me, calling me horrible names. I suddenly feel terrible so I just go inside, and it’s the last time I sit in circle like that with my ‘friends’.

I have no recollection of dreaming between the ages of 10 and 17. Then, one night I’m dozing watching a film, alone, and suddenly the scene changes on the screen to something else. I see someone I know doing something they don’t want me to know about. When confronted the next day, the person in question denies it, until I say I have proof because my friend saw it all. This event wakes me up again to the power of dreams. I see something happening in real time in waking life without physically being there, and it happens to be true. I’m hurt by the person’s actions, but forgive easily and instantly, as the gift it brings me is far greater than the hurt. 

It’s not until I graduate from university that I have the ‘space’ to dedicate myself more fully to my spiritual development. I lose some close friends in the process because they think I’m weird, but it doesn’t deter me. After graduation, I spend time working in Madrid and Las Palmas. During my time in Las Palmas in 1995, before knowing about the internet, I spend quite a lot of time alone. I’m struggling. I feel very alone. I’m suffering from low blood pressure, which makes me feel poorly, and I’m tired of the huge flying cockroaches that seem to get into my apartment no matter what I do. I’m also suffering what feels like a crisis of faith because there’s hardly anyone for me to talk to about dreams and spirituality and it’s very difficult for me to get my hands on decent reading material about them.

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Then, I have an experience that I don’t know how to properly explain. It’s like an out of body experience in which I’m a mermaid and it happens as I’m dozing, sitting upright. I talk about it in terms of meeting a teacher in a dream. The messages are loud and clear. I receive all the answers to every question I have. It’s like a massive download. And it’s very brief in waking time. I know in this moment that all I want to do in life is share spirituality. This experience leads me to several initial teachers in waking life. And this is when I start to notice more of the powerful synchronicities at play, the winks from the universe, reconfirming everything for me.

A few days after this experience, a work colleague says his friend has a shop I’ll like. As I walk in there’s a shrine to mermaids at the back of the shop. I’m blown away! It’s a powerful sign for me just days after the incredible ‘dream’. The shop owner is from the Brazilian Amazon and we spend some time together before I leave Las Palmas to return to Madrid. After living in Madrid, I go to live in Wales. It’s late 1996 and I’m working for a dotcom startup. I find some chatrooms where people are talking about spirituality. And I come across my next teacher, who’s the only person posting under ‘Wales’ on the website. His message reads that he’s the last bloodline carrier of a Welsh hereditary tradition called Gwyddon and that he’s ready for an apprentice. I write to him, giving him my name and where I live, attaching a photo of me with my beautiful Giant Schnauzer Jasmine.

We meet. He tells me his ancestors say 3 people with particular messages will come forward to be adopted into the family and taught the Gwyddon tradition. He asks me what brings me to him. I tell him about the mermaid. He laughs, a lot. He says 1 of the 3 is the mermaid and that ‘I’m in’ if I want. I’m ceremonially adopted into the family and spend 5 years as his apprentice before he passes away in 2003. Today, very few people have a true apprenticeship. I’m blessed indeed. I have many powerful experiences and synchronicities from this time, some of which you can read about on this website. I learn many things, including recognizing trees by their bark, ceremonial work, drum journeys and how to use the Coelbren – an ancient alphabet – as the magical thread that weaves the tradition together.

I start working with other teachers and I’m introduced to traditions from North and South America. All the while, I continue to build my career. I establish a PR agency, and after a few years I can allow myself a lot of free time, so I go off on retreats and study other things, such as aromatherapy. I feel my corporate life and my spiritual life are very separate, even though my spirituality is a way of life for me. I do teach people, but not in any formal way, and I’m longing to be able to dedicate more of myself and my time to sharing what I love the most, working with dreams and drum dreams.

I meet Robert Moss in April 2018 when I attend 1 of his retreats in Barcelona. It’s amazing. I do more work with Robert, online and in person, and it’s wonderful and life-enriching. I know I can’t wait any longer to live my big dream, and Oracle Dreams is born. I’m still working in PR, only now I’m doing more of what I love, and it feels great! As you may have read, much of what I teach is based on Robert’s work, solidly underpinned by decades of my learning, experience and wisdom, gained from being out there in the corporate world from Liverpool to Silicon Valley, and from the infinite pools of insight from dreaming. Not to mention the learning, experience and wisdom of the dream teachers I’m collaborating with!

Even if you believe you don’t dream, don’t remember your dreams or don’t know where to start, we can change all that. The change can be swift, powerful and life-enriching. Some people are finding that just reading this website is helping them. One person, after not remembering dreams for years, is reporting remembering some incredible dreams in detail. The dreams contain profound and important teachings and messages that are helping in waking life. This person is reporting feeling very excited about it all and is diving more deeply into dreamwork. You can too! So, I invite you to take action and come and have some wonderful experiences with me and observe how you to start to feel different, in the best possible ways!