The beautiful photo you see is courtesy of Eco Tara Retreat and just one recent inspiration for the topic of this post, about synchronicity and dreaming.

The term synchronicity was coined by famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung was a firm believer in precognitive dreams. His advice was to consider synchronicity as meaningful coincidences that offer powerful insight into what’s going on for you.

Once we start working more deeply with our dreams and active dreaming, we start to notice more synchronicity in our lives. Synchronicity informs primarily through intuition and emotion, and indicates how near or far we are from the right path. Synchronicity signals that we are in alignment with our desires.

Robert Moss says: “Dreaming and synchronicity are the warp and woof of your experience of a deeper reality. In dreaming, you go there. Through synchronicity, the forces of that deeper world leave their mark on your surface world and spur you on to live a juicier, more magical life. Synchronicity is when the universe gets personal.” 

Just as we recall and record our dreams, it’s a great idea to keep a record of synchronicities to be studied in the same way we do our dreams. Again, the more we do this, the more we notice it. How many signs of synchronicity you can recall from recent times? Write them down!

Synchronicity in action

I love experiencing wonderfully deep synchronicities. 

Just recently, I’m searching the internet for spaces to hold retreats on the beautiful sub-tropical island of Gran Canaria, off the West Coast of Africa. The Canary Islands are magnificent. They’re part of Spain. During my search, I discover the most beautiful eco retreat that holds small groups of 6 (and up to 18), Eco Tara Retreat.

I write to a friend to ask if he knows it, as he lives in that area. He’s lived on Gran Canaria for years and lives near Eco Tara. He responds to my message saying it’s funny I ask, as he’s just arriving home from his first visit ever there, and that it’s gorgeous.

The next day, I have a wonderful synchronicity with a friend. Chatting thousands of miles apart, we see the same logo for Oracle Dreams, the infinity symbol. My friend wants to know our the mission. I reply that it’s to help people realise their potential as I realise mine, and that this is the promise I made in 1998 to the Gwyddon tradition. 

Gwidion by Ioan Einion, Gwyddon.
Copyright Ioan Einion.

The Gwyddon tradition dates back hundreds of years. It’s a tradition that honours and respects all life and encourages dreaming and active dreaming. 

I’m ceremonially adopted into the Gwyddon tradition in 1998, after a big dream that leads me to them. I’m one of few people to receive the Gwyddon teachings as a non-blood family member. I spend five years with the Gwyddon before the last blood family member holding the tradition, Ioan Einion, departs. 

My friend, who knows all of this, squeals with delight and says she is just leaving some magical standing stones in Cornwall and that she has some information about it. The article she sends references the Gwyddon.

There’s not a lot of information available about the Gwyddon. Ioan’s family is from Harlech in North Wales. I’m taught that Gwyddon means ‘of the trees’ on Old Welsh. 

There are many ‘tests’ to pass with the Gwyddon tradition. Very early on in my apprenticeship, I build a cairn and work with it four times a day for a lunar cycle, recording everything as I go. Ioan asks me to come back with a name, but I have no idea what that name must be.

Gandalf, Gwiber Ddu, aged 13.

Nearing the end of this lunar cycle, I go to see a litter of Giant Schnauzer puppies. A beautiful black puppy, whose name becomes Gandalf, chooses me. The breeder gives me a list of Kennel Club names to choose from and I choose Gwiber Ddu, which translates from Welsh as black serpent or black adder. 

I go home and call Ioan to tell him the happy puppy news and he howls with laughter. He tells me that the name he’s looking for from me is Gwiber and that in the Gwyddon tradition Gwiber is the Serpent that bites the right foot to confer his blessing and energy, and that before entering a ceremony the Gwyddon walk the path of the Serpent.

Many years after my Gwyddon apprenticeship I’m training with Chris Luttichau, who has experience of working with North and South American tribes. 

One day, Chris says we’re going to do a particular meditation with a tree. He tells us that this is very esoteric information passed to him in South America and that he has permission to pass it to us. 

It’s the same meditation I learn with the Gwyddon, experienced for the first time many years before. I will always remember the first time I did it. Ioan and I are camping in Snowdonia in North Wales and I do this meditation for the first time working with a Rowan tree. The experience is so beautiful and yet so simple that I cry for joy. 

Tracking synchronicity

There are different ways we can work with synchronicity and there will be more blogs posts about synchronicity. To start flexing your synchronistic muscle, try, for example, opening a book at random to see what message is waiting for you. Maybe it’s one of your own books, a dream journal, that you try this with.  

When we dive into dream work we notice more synchronicity in our lives making for a really juicy and lucid life!

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