Here is a selection of testimonials from 2019.

My daughter & I attended one of Karen’s dream shops in October & absolutely loved it!!!!! Karen is very intuitive, knowledgeable & nurturing. No experience was required & we came away excited to dream with intent & help each other work out our messages. Who knew how informative and fun our dreams really are 💕

Liz, Cheshire, U.K.

We felt very lucky to have Karen conduct our hand fasting ceremony in our garden in Wales. She was extremely supportive of our needs and special requests throughout the whole process and gave our friends detailed information about what to bring to the ceremony also. Karen is highly trained in leading ceremonies and she created a warm, loving bubble for us all and made everyone feel comfortable and happy throughout. A hand fasting ceremony is a very beautiful, heart felt service and we are very grateful to Karen for making it so special for us and all our loved ones. Thank you so much Karen!

Helen, Wales, U.K.

Karen’s workshop at the Liverpool Wellbeing Centre on Rodney Street was a great success. I enjoyed spending time with such a heart warming & insightful bunch of people. There were lots of amazing synchronicities.
Thanks Karen for facilitating – I know the Universe is supporting you in sharing this valuable wisdom far and wide. X

John, Liverpool, U.K.

We absolutely loved the workshop!
It was a lovely atmosphere and energy in the room and within the group.
And it was so organised and you showed us so many tools and exercises.
I’m very much looking forward to the next one! 

Steph, Manchester, U.K.

Thanks again for Saturday – it’s been a massive help to me and I’m much more confident at figuring out my dreams.
I’ve been doing some of the techniques and I’m amazed at the results.

Chris, Liverpool, U.K.

Karen is a wise and professional workshop leader who can hold space so that novices and experts alike can learn and grow. She gave participants a rich blend of dream work and shamanism at her first workshop at Liverpool Wellbeing Centre last Saturday. Everyone loved it. I hope there will be many more.

Dennis, Liverpool, U.K.

After attending a dream workshop with the wonderful Karen, I can highly recommend it to anyone. Karen is a fluid and inspiring teacher who shares her knowledge in a fun and motivating way. The meditations and group work were awesome and deeply effective. I now have many different techniques to incorporate into my dream work. Thank you so much Karen!

Helen, Wales, U.K.

THANKS Karen for sharing and teaching with so much love and strength.

Sella, Gran Canaria, Spain.

I attended Karen’s Eco Tara Dream Retreat from 21st – 23rd June 2019. I want to thank you, Karen, for the nurturing and healing experience that you created at Eco Tara. I came to the weekend with an intention to release the blocks and limitations that have held me back from living a joyful and abundant life. After a fun, friendly, nurturing two and a half days in in very good company, I feel that I achieved my intention. Karen’s knowledge of working with dreams is very thorough and I find her teaching style flows well. Even though I have done a lot of this type of work before, I still learned a lot and found it very beneficial. Karen managed to make it equally accessible to the people on the retreat who were inexperienced. We had a lot of fun with Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming processes of dream re-entry, dream tracking, dream theatre, and using the power of creative imagination to work towards our heart’s desire. Karen included some lovely meditations for opening and strengthening the heart chakra and cleansing and strengthening the energy body. The retreat centre was also lovely. The food was both delicious and healthy. The Eco Tara staff went to great lengths to cater for my food intolerances and everything was beautifully presented. All in all it was a very enjoyable and healing weekend, which I would highly recommend to others.

Anna, Hereford, U.K.

I had a remarkable and insightful experience at the retreat organized by Oracle Dreams in Gran Canaria. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to dreams and dreamwork, but Karen Floyd‘s patient and professional guidance was very easy to follow and I never felt lost or out of place. For the longest time, I didn’t remember any of my dreams but I noticed a change right after the first workshop – that’s literally all it took. I’ve been able to remember most dreams ever since and I even discovered some emotional blockages that have prevented me from moving on from childhood traumas. I’m very grateful for her help and I would definitely recommend Oracle Dreams to anybody who wants to get in touch with
their most inner self.

Irina, Gran Canaria, Spain.

I shared a dream with Karen and invited her inside. She brought me a vision of a huge mirror and a serpent around my neck. A few days later I actually found the serpent, behind a big mirror, bought it and I wore it. The next day I woke up recalling a healing dream, my voice is free. And as I write it, her vision is still manifesting in my life… Thank you Karen Floyd.

Lucie, France.

I attended the EcoTara Dream Retreat and I can say it was a really good experience. I went to the retreat with an intention to learn more about technics of how to analyse my dreams and I feel that I achieved my intention. I was really surprised with the results I got using the power of the imagination and the technics I learned! It was my first time working with dreams, but I felt very comfortable thanks to Karen’s guidance. I found this experience very beneficial for myself and I am looking forward to continue working with Karen.

Divi, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Karen is a gifted and guided teacher who has a deep understanding of what she does and a delight in sharing it 🌹

Martha, Gran Canaria, Spain.

I am so grateful to Karen for the amazing weekend retreat at Ecotara. It was truly remarkable, her understanding and explanations were clear and easy to follow, & the journeys with her drumming incomparable. Watch out for the next you won’t want to miss it.
Thank you. 

Stephen, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Amazing experience which have opened for me a new world of possibilities! Thank you Karen Floyd for your patience and attention during the retreat, your guidance was so helpful and nourishing! 💗 I came with an open mind and discovered that I still have so much more to explore within me! I will continue practicing what I’ve learned with you over this weekend, thank you for helping me to “open the door”! ✨🦉✨ And thanks to the kind team of #ecotaracanaryislands for making our stay so peaceful and relaxing!

Anna, Gran Canaria, Spain.

The Oracle Dreams Eco Tara Dream retreat workshop promised a series of easy to practice techniques and easy to follow pathways to introduce you to self analysis and group analysis of dreams remembered in whole or in part. I enjoyed an extraordinarily relaxing and sometimes enlightening journey into ways that we can excavate and scrutinise the subliminal messages we send to ourselves during sleep time. ….  I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Floyd’s work and guidance as a perfect starting point for much deeper work within this diverse subject.

Eddie, Gran Canaria, Spain.

I hadn’t dreamed for years, or at least I certainly never remembered any dreams. Then, after reading the Oracle Dreams website I started dreaming again and I can even remember some of my dreams. If that can happen for me, it can happen for anyone. I’m looking forward to exploring more. This stuff works.

Helen, Liverpool, U.K.

I feel so much gratitude for having the opportunity to work with Karen. Our online mentorship sessions have not only been transformative and healing experiences, but have also provided me with a toolkit of techniques and practices that I can carry with me wherever I go. The work we’ve done together has helped me to feel both grounded and present, while simultaneously awakening my own inner strength and power. I cannot wait to attend a retreat, thank you Karen!

Tess, Texas, U.S.A.