As a dreamer I love that I can pursue my passion when I’m asleep, when I’m dozing and when I’m wide awake! 🤗🌟😴

Our pets dream too and they know a thing or two about napping that we could learn. By napping, I don’t mean falling into a light or deep sleep. it’s more about not falling asleep, but remaining in that space between awake and falling asleep, known as hypnagogia.

Hypnagogia is one of two liminal dream spaces, an in-between dream state. The hypnagogic state offers direct access to the subconscious, or 90% of a person’s consciousness. We can practice entering the hypnagogic state in many different places and situations.

One way, is to try taking regular naps, for up to just 20 minutes, when we have some quiet time at home. A great way is to nap in public places, such as on a plane, train, bus or as a passenger in a car, as the distractions of the outside world can help to keep us in the hypnagogic state rather than us falling fully asleep.

When we do sleep, we wake up, and as we do so we pass through the other liminal dream state of hypnopompia. If we don’t jump out of bed and instead take the time to relax and just stay in the hypnopompic state, awesome dream adventures can take place and this can be a great space from which to re-enter a dream.

Spending more time in the states of hypnagogia and hypnopompia is wonderful for deepening dreamwork and can result in improved sleep, better mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, help us heal from trauma, boost our creativity and problem-solving abilities, and also heighten intuition and give confidence! Some people find it easier to spend time in the states of hypnagogia and hypnopompia rather than achieve lucid dreaming. Everyone’s different. My recommendation is to experiment with all possibilities and practice, practice, practice!

With love,
Karen 💕