You are the best interpreter of your dreams. The intent of Oracle Dreams is to deepen your connection with you and your dreams, so you are your own oracle. We practise the Robert Moss Lightning Dreamwork Process to dive deeper to help gain clarity and extra insight. 

This is a record of a recent active dream of mine, Karen, to find names for my new dream enterprise. It’s called The Oracle of Dreams.

I enter a cave. There’s a cauldron with a big fire with high flames. A spider appears and crawls up my left arm to my shoulder. I’m shown an infinite web of possibilities and how all dreams are connected in the web of life. I’m reminded to call upon Spider to help with my writing and that I’m a weaver of dreams, and we’re all weavers of dreams. Nin, the boy and Mai appear. I say I’m looking for names for my new dream enterprise. 

We leave the cave and we’re walking down a grassy tree-lined track and it’s a beautiful day. We’re going at a very leisurely pace. I look up and Eagle flies overhead and towards a stone wall with a door. We approach the wall. There’s an elderly man with a staff. Nin has a hand gesture with him, palm to palm but not quite touching. The thick wooden door in an arch shape with beautiful ironwork opens and we step through into a big field where there are no walls. 

There’s a community fete happening. People playing games, practising skills, archery. The women are wearing long aprons. There’s an air of gaiety and laughter.

We enter a round tent. There’s a no-nonsense, gregarious gypsy-type woman sat with cards on a table. I ask if she can help me with my new dream enterprise. She laughs and looks at the cards on the table and says she’s my Oracle of Dreams. And that she’s also me. She becomes Spider and crawls over the cards on the table. Then she’s Mermaid and says she’s been with me since the beginning.

She’s the gypsy woman again and asks me what I want to know. I reply names for my new dream enterprise. She laughs and says maybe that’s it. I sit. She spreads the cards over the table. The little boy goes to stand by her side and he’s watching me, encouraging me, reminding me of the plant and the garden from a previous sleep time dream.

I move my hand over the cards. As I move my hand over the cards she calls things out: new dreams, wild dreams, big dreams, best dreams, bright dreams, weaving dreams…. My hand stops and she doesn’t say anything. I turn the card over and it’s The Hermit. The Infinity symbol arises. She tells me my answer lies in all the signs. I thank my allies and leave.


When we go in search of answers, there’s often follow-up work to do. It means work. The results are immensely rewarding and enriching. In my case, I research the clues from this dream, and there are so many. A better question for the dream would have been to ask for one name and not names!

Amongst the many clues there are also some powerful synchronicities for me, which I realise during the follow-up research.

On a practical note, and testimony to ‘dream storming’, I come back from the dream with more name ideas than I can generate in 20 minutes of just thinking at a desk.

Now I have too many options! I share the dream with Robert Moss, who says if it were his dream he’d look into my oracle of dreams!