We work with dreams, imagination and shamanic journeying to connect with and create our heart’s desire. Manifesting our heart’s desire requires action in the ordinary world as well as the non-ordinary.

Understanding the ‘why’ of the heart’s desire helps to identify life purpose and adds additional juice to the manifestation process. Obtaining your heart’s desire won’t always be easy and you might feel that you don’t have the resources, when perhaps what you need is more resourcefulness.

Also, it’s easier to give up and harder to be resourceful when you haven’t fully grasped the ‘why’ of your heart’s desire. When you get the ‘why’ you’re injected with extra purpose, passion, courage, commitment, clarity, determination, focus, direction, certainty and momentum. All qualities that fuel the manifestation of your heart’s desire.

During our retreats, workshops and online courses we work to get clear about our hearts’ desires. We experience our heart’s desire with all our senses and add as much rich, juicy detail as we possibly can. This is not about being in the mind and setting goals and targets. It’s about listening to the heart. The heart knows our true desires, not the mind.

That said, you can connect with your heart’s desire via the mind by simply asking yourself some questions along the lines of what you’d do if money were no object, what you’d do for free, and when do you feel most joyous and alive? This method’s not as powerful as working from and with the heart via dreamwork, imagination and shamanic lucid dreaming, but it can serve as a useful precursor sometimes.

If you’re new to dreamwork, creative imagination and shamanic lucid dreaming, you’ll find that the more you practise the easier it becomes to engage all of your senses. Like most things in life, dreamwork, creative imagination and shamanic lucid dreaming require sustained practice.

Even if you’ve never done this before you can start now. Here’s a simple exercise.

Close your eyes, place your hand over your heart and feel into your heart’s desire. Be as detailed as you can, engaging all the senses. Record, write or draw what you experience remembering that the mind and body can’t tell the difference between what we imagine and what we experience in ordinary life. It’s all real! 

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that yet, just ask yourself what you love to do the most, what you’d do if money were no object, what you’d do for free and what makes you feel alive and joyous.

Now, onto the ‘why?’ game. If you’re struggling to get clear, this exercise can help you to find your deeper purpose. It’s just about asking ‘why?’. It’s a technique used a lot in business to get to the crux of why a particular goal, project or business is important, and it involves asking ‘why?’ 7 times.

Here’s an example of how to play the ‘why?’ game.

My friend Joe says his heart’s desire is to earn a living from composing and playing music. In ordinary reality, Joe’s a night-shift worker. He plays a few instruments and sometimes performs in public. I’ve seen him do it and it’s when he becomes most alive.

Joe: My heart’s desire is to make money from my music. 
Me: Why?
Joe: Because I’m tired of being a night-shift worker. 
Me: Why?
Joe: Because it’s making me depressed.
Me: Why?
Joe: Because I’m not using my God-given talents.
Me: Why?
Joe: Because I don’t know if I’d be able to support my family from music.
Me: Why?
Joe: Because there’s so much competition out there.
Me: Why?
Joe: Because everyone loves music. 
Me: Why?
Joe: Because it makes us feel good. It brings us joy. Music raises the vibration. That’s it! I want to compose and play music to help raise the vibration of our planet!

So now Joe is on a mission. He knows his heart’s desire and his purpose. It’s no longer ‘just’ about playing music but about making a positive contribution to the planet. His heart knows his life purpose, that he wants to raise the vibration of our planet, and his special gift to make that happen is via his music.

Now it’s time for Joe to take action. We have a process for helping with that, which involves identifying the resources available right now, the required resources, identifying people who can help and coming up with a plan of action. Part of that action plan will involve some dreamwork to help with resourcefulness and clarity and to continue to add fuel to the process. 

Joe will have to continue as a night-shift worker before he’s able to make a living from composing and performing. On those nights when he’s having a tough time at work, feels too tired to compose or play music, or is stuck on some music or lyrics, it’s the ‘why?’ of his heart’s desire that will give him the fuel he needs to continue to follow his dream and not give up. And every time he now engages in composing or playing, he does it knowing he’s raising the vibration of the planet and that makes him feel even better than he did before.

Just for fun, it’s an interesting activity to play the ‘why?’ game over again with the same person on the same heart’s desire. Try it out and see how many times the last response is the same response even though the other answers are different.

When we’re working to manifest our heart’s desire it’s crucial to experience it as already happening. If dreamwork, creative imagination and shamanic lucid dreaming are new to you, don’t worry about the how, the where, the when and the who and stay focused on the what and the why.

What’s your heart’s desire and your ‘why?’?