Last week during a dream retreat with Robert Moss and a group of awesome dream teachers in the stunning Czech Republic, the question ‘Who do you trust beyond all others?’ came up. My immediate answer was my Higher Self. (Others too including spirit guides, but that’s for a separate post!)

We all have a Higher Self. The concept of the Higher Self is found in different religions from Christianity to Buddhism. The Higher Self is the ‘real you’ that’s unlimited and eternal. It’s where you receive inspiration, insight and intuitive messages, your soul’s consciousness. The Higher Self knows your intentions and desires.

You are always connected to your Higher Self, and you can work to deepen and strengthen the connection. Your Higher Self is your best ally for creating a meaningful life in ordinary reality, here on the physical plane. Have you ever ‘just known’ something about a person, place, or situation, or received a strong impulse to do, or to not do, something? These are messages from your Higher Self.

Messages from the Higher Self are communicated in different ways.

Dreams and Visions

The Higher Self communicates via dreams. Vivid or lucid dreams that carry strong emotional energy are an indicator of the Higher Self. You can hold the intent you meet your Higher Self in sleep dreams and shamanic lucid dreams. 

During strong visions when we’re awake, daydreaming and tapping into the imagination can also be messages from the Higher Self. 

Intuition and Gut Feeling 

Intuition happens in the heart area. With intuition, you just ‘know’ something. With intuition, there is no fear and it’s clear. 

Your gut feeling happens in the solar plexus area. Gut feeling is feedback about how you feel about something. You might have a strong feeling about and a physical reaction to a place, a person, or a situation. Butterflies in your tummy or a sinking feeling in the gut area? That’s your gut feeling sending you a message from your Higher Self via your body.

Synchronicity and Signs

The Higher Self gets our attention with signs and synchronicities. They can come in the form of repeating number patterns, literature, music, song lyrics, animals, a conversation you overhear that answers a question for you, an aroma, multiple ‘meaningful coincidences’. The signs are everywhere if we choose to see them. 

Strong Urges and Restlessness

Maybe you have a strong urge to visit a particular place, or you feel that you need change in your life, although it doesn’t make sense. Your Higher Self may be indicating that you’re ready for the next stage of your journey and encouraging you to open yourself to exploring new options. You can use dreamwork and shamanic lucid dreaming to explore these urges.

Strong Emotions

Strong emotions offer an opportunity to learn something valuable about ourselves and our lives. If someone triggers unpleasant strong emotions for you, you might want to use the experience as a mirror that’s showing you something you could work on within yourself. 

We all have access to guidance from our Higher Self from whom we can receive the answers to our questions when we listen. The practice of documenting and journaling your dreams, visions, intuitions, gut feelings, strong emotions, urges, synchronicities and signs is a great way to start strengthening the connection with the Higher Self. 

Other great practices for strengthening the connection with the Higher Self include meditation, dreamwork and shamanic lucid dreaming.

Who do you trust beyond all others?