The workshops and retreats I facilitate attract experienced dreamers and shamanic practitioners and complete beginners. I tailor each workshop according to the needs and desires of each group. No two workshops or retreats are ever the same! There are always new adventures to be had and deeper realms to explore.

Estepona, Spain on 15 March 2020

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Estepona, Spain 14 March 2020

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Workshops, Liverpool, 2019
Tap into your soul’s wisdom via dreamwork and imagination.

Saturday 12 October 2019
Liverpool Wellbeing Centre, Rodney Street, Liverpool.
From 10am to 5pm with breaks

EARLY BIRD 50% OFF = £30 per workshop, per person
Offer ends 15 September 2019. Lunch not provided.

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Tap into your soul’s wisdom via dreamwork, with Karen Floyd, dream teacher and shamanic practitioner. From a Welsh hereditary magical tradition, Karen combines 20+ years’ experience of working across shamanic healing, dreamwork, Reiki and animal communication.

Learn how to create and manifest a richer, juicer life via dreamwork. Work with dreams for healing, guidance, glimpses into the future, stronger intuition, more confidence, clarity, creativity and more!

Our dreams often tell us what’s going on with our physical, mental and emotional state. They tell us about future events and give guidance on the best course of action. Our dreams put us in touch with departed loved ones and spiritual guides and teachers. And that’s just for starters!

This is something the ancients knew well. Indigenous peoples relied on their dreams for matters of life and death. Throughout the ancient world there were dream temples where sick people would go for guidance. In Greece, at the famous healing Temple of Asklepius, people would incubate healing dreams to learn how to treat themselves.

Learn how to tap into this infinite pool of soul wisdom, which is just a breath away! No previous experience required and also suitable for experienced dreamers/shamanic practitioners.

Each session will begin with a powerful guided mediation to cleanse, strengthen and protect your energy.

You will learn modern-day techniques for sharing dreams in a social, gentle way that lead to a deeper understanding of dreams, based on the Active Dreaming teachings of historian and dreamer extraordinaire, Robert Moss. You will also learn how to enter the theta state of dreaming for shamanic lucid dreams using a drum beat of between 4 and 7 beats/second.

This workshop offers an introduction to:

-Overcoming a dream drought
-Turning unpleasant dreams into dreams of power, confidence and healing
-Working with dream fragments
-Improving dream recall and how to work with dream incubation
-Dream theatre
-Dream re-entry
-Dream tracking
-Using the creative imagination for healing and manifestation
-Tracking synchronicity, signs and symbols in dreams, shamanic lucid dreams and ordinary reality
-Dreaming for healing, guidance, glimpses into the future, Meeting the departed and spiritual helpers
-Entering the theta state for shamanic lucid dreaming

Working from the heart, you will become empowered to dream and take action on your best dreams.

No previous experience required. All you need is a joyful attitude, a heart filled with love and a desire to uncover your soul’s wisdom. This workshop is also suitable for experienced practitioners. Please bring a paper and pen.

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Past retreats

Eco Tara Dream Retreat
Gran Canaria
21-23 June 2019
3 days, 312 euros
all inclusive!

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Intro to dreams and active dreaming with Karen Floyd
Dates: 21-23 June 2019 (English language)
VenueEco Tara Retreat, Fataga, Gran Canaria
Cost: 312 euros includes tuition and full board shared accommodation.
Accommodation: There are options for shared accommodation including bathrooms and kitchen in the ‘main house’ and there are private bungalows with private kitchens and bathrooms. Single/non-shared occupancy incurs an additional cost.
Food: The Eco Tara team prepares, serves and clears away all meals, comprising breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetarian meals are prepared from organic produce. Special diets catered for. Much produce is grown at the retreat centre and you are encouraged to help yourself.
Transport: It is possible to drive and park at the retreat centre. There are buses that goes to Fataga. A taxi from the airport costs 50 euros. Group transport can be arranged by the retreat centre.
Languages: English and Spanish
Times: Retreat starts at 5pm on day 1 and ends after lunch on day 3.
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During this retreat you’ll learn and practise the Robert Moss Lightning Dreamwork Process, how to enter the theta state for shamanic lucid dreaming, learn how to reenter a dream, how to enter someone else’s dream with permission and you’ll also learn techniques for cleansing, protecting and strengthening your energy.

Join us at the beautiful Eco Tara Retreat on the incredible island of Gran Canaria and enjoy exclusive use of the centre’s stunning facilities including organic produce, morning yoga sessions, and of course, plenty of dreaming and fun with your fellow dreamers!

Gran Canaria enjoys a fantastic climate giving plenty of opportunity for meals outdoors, bathing in the pool and stargazing.

You may be able to stay at the retreat centre before and after our retreat.

In addition to nourishing mind, body and soul, the intention of this retreat is to provide a toolkit of practical, powerful techniques for working with dreams and active dreams as an important step to creating and living our best lives consciously.

Come and find your dreams, begin to work with your dreams or deepen your dreaming and active dreaming practice. 

This retreat is suitable for people who want to find their dreams, begin to work with their dreams or deepen their dreaming and active dreaming practice. 

We’ll fuel our imaginations and power up our intuition. We’ll leave confident to continue our practices at home, while having the support of our fellow dreamers.  

During this retreat, you’ll learn the Robert Moss Lightning Dreamwork Process, and begin to:

Explore the topic of dreams and the benefits of working with dreams
Learn techniques for sharing, discussing, remembering and recording dreams
Learn to recover from a dream drought
Learn active dreaming
Meet animal guardians and spiritual helpers
Practice dream reentry and tracking
Dream for healing
Dream for guidance
Dream the future
Dream with the departed
Explore synchronicity and dreams
Practice powerful meditations
Honour our dreams and allies in ceremony (optional)

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